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Winter Show January 2017

We had three classes based on tree size as recommended by Nippon Bonsai Association or, more precisely the height from
a) the top of soil to the highest part of the tree, or
b) for cascades and semi-cascade: from the highest part of the tree to the lowest part of the tree.

The Best Tree in Show was a White Pine from the Large class and owned by Steve.

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Class A

8" to 10" or
20cm to 25cm

English Elm


Class B

11" to 18" or
26cm to 45cm

Korean Hornbeam


Class C

over 18" or

Trident Maple


receiving the
"Winter Show Cup"
from club chairman Nick


Class A   8" to 10" or 20 to 25cm
pic250 pic251 pic253
Chinese Elm Chinese Elm Cotoneaster
pic256 pic257 pic259
English Elm Musk Maple Japanese Elm
Chinese elm    

Class B   11" to 18" or 26cm to 45cm
pic263 pic265 pic268
Chinese Juniper Trident Maple Japanese Elm
pic269 pic271 pic274
Korean Hornbeam Satsuki Azlea White Pine

Class C   over 18" or 45cm
pic278 pic279 pic282
Korean Hornbeam Privet Chinese Elm
pic284 pic287 pic289
Trident Maple Acer Palmatum Japanese Elm
Cork Bark Chinese Elm