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Summer Show August 2012

This was our seventh summer show. We had three classes based on tree size, or more precisely the height from
a) the base of pot (i.e. where it touches the table) to the highest part of the tree, or
b) for cascades: from the highest part of the tree to the lowest part of the tree or pot whichever is the largest.

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Class A

upto 10" or


Class B

11" to 20" or
26cm to 50cm


Class C

21" to 39" or
51cm to 100cm

Chinese Elm

Nick & Sandy
with Their
"Best in Show"

Class A   upto 10" or 25cm
?? ?? ??
Cotoneaster Chinese Elm Japanese Elm
?? ?? ??
Hawthorn Chinese Elm Acer Palmatum

Class B   11" to 20" or 26cm to 50cm
?? ?? ??
Chinese Elm Chinese Elm Cotoneaster
?? ?? ??
Hornbeam Hawthorn English Oak
?? ?? ??
Ace Plamatumr Juniper Acer Plamatum
Smoke tree ´Royal Purple´

Class C   21" to 39" or 51cm to 100cm
?? ?? ??
Chinese Elm Ash Larch
?? ?? ??
Chinese Elm Beech Cork Bark Chinese Elm