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Styling Competition July 2023

We randomly divided those members present into teams of two or three and give each team a shrub of nursery stock. In the course of the evening the team have to turn it into a bonsai. At the end of the evening each member voted for what they thought was the winning tree. (Members do not vote for the tree that they worked on.)

The trees were Plant Centre purchased Cotoneaster atropurpureus horizontalis "Variegatus".

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Winning Team 2
Sean, Norbert and Luke

Team and Position Raw material After 1 3/4 hours styling
Team 1

?? ??

Team 2

Sean, Luke, Norbert
?? ??

Team 3

Mark, Eva,Harvey
?? ??

Team 4

Rick, Tania, Alethea, Keith
?? ??

Team 5

Jamie, Ming, Joni
?? ??