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Spring Show May 2018

This year's show was a display of members' trees with no competition.

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P1340461.jpg P1340464.jpg P1340465.jpg
Hawthorn Hydrangea Trident Maple
P1340524.jpg P1340472.jpg P1340473.jpg
Begonia Trident Maple Pyracantha
P1340475.jpg P1340522.jpg P1340479.jpg
Azelea Cotoneaster Norway Spruce
P1340481.jpg P1340583.jpg P1340485.jpg
European Hornbeam Acer Palmatum Silver Birch
P1340488.jpg P1340490.jpg P1340492.jpg
Fuchsia Hawthorn Privet
P1340493.jpg P1340496.jpg P1340497.jpg
Cotoneaster Japanes Larch Hawthorn
P1340500.jpg P1340502.jpg P1340503.jpg
Cotoneaster Kiyohime Acer Copper Beech
P1340505.jpg P1340508.jpg P1340509.jpg
Acer Palmatum Cotoneaster Chaeomeles
P1340511.jpg P1340512.jpg P1340514.jpg
Ginko biloba Contorted Hazel Acer Palmatum
P1340516.jpg P1340518.jpg  
Hornbeam Privet