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Bid Update

Bids CLOSED Monday 19th October 12:00.    All kits now have bids. Bidding is now closed.

Penjing Kits

April´s meeting this year was meant to be "Style a Penjing" for 5 groups but of cause this didn´t happen due to Covid-19.

Given that we are going to be under some sort of social distancing for the near future the committee can´t see us being able to do a "Style anything" next year. This event needs 5/6 people to be very close and crowded around the penjing being designed/created.

All the materials have been purchased and so we intend to auction the 5 penjing kits to club members. This will be a silent auction where you send in your bid for a kit (or kits). The highest bidder for any kit wins. Bids will be shown online and updated daily. You can submit as many bids as you like. The auction will close at 12 noon on Monday 19th October.

Each kit consists of:
1CotoneasterCotoneaster horizontalis
1Honeysuckle Lonicera ´Baggessen´s Gold´
1IvyHedra Helix
1 potIrish MossSagina subulate
1 potPlatt´s BlackLeptinella nigra
1 potYellow-Eyed GrassSisyrinchium
1 trayCorsican CarpetSoleirolia soleirolii
2 potsGreen/Grey houseleeksSempervivum arachnoideum
1Grey EcheveriaEcheveria peacockii
1Green houseleekSempervivum tectorum
1 bagSoil MixAcadama/Kiryu/Kyodama
you add loam as required
1 bagRocks
1Planting Tray

To bid on a kit please click on Submit_Bid and provide the information as requested. Thank you.

Click on an image for full size picture of that kit.

Kit 1 Bids
kit 1
£15 Bob B

Kit 2 Bids
kit 2
£15     Rick

Kit 3 Bids
kit 3
£12     Mike P

Kit 4 Bids
kit 4
£15     Rick

Kit 5 Bids
kit 5
£12     Richard B