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Autumn Show October 2021

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tree-1 tree-2 tree-3
Scots Pine Accent plant Juniper
tree-4 tree-5 tree-6
Scots Pine Chinese Elm
tree-7 tree-8 tree-9
Begonia Moutain Maple Scots Pine
tree-10 tree-11 tree-12
Chinese Elm Lonicera Itoigawa Juniper
tree-13 tree-14 tree-5
Trident Maple
on rock
White Pine Spruce
tree-16 tree-17 tree-18
Hornbeam Chinese Golden Larch Moutain Maple
tree-19 tree-20 tree-21
Shonin Display Lime Pine
tree-22 tree-23 tree-24
Mountain Maple Hawthorn Cotoneaster
tree-25 tree-26 tree-17
Juniper Contoneaster Larch
tree-28 tree-29  
Chinese Elm Juniper  
tree-30 tree-31  
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