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Winter Show April 2023

We had three classes based on tree size, more precisely the height from
   a) the top of soil to the highest part of the tree, or
   b) for cascades and semi-cascade: from the highest part of the tree to the lowest part of the tree,
and a separate class for Beginners / In-Development.

The Best Tree in Show was a Juniper from the Large class and owned by Jamie.

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Beginner / In-Development



Class Small

8" to 10" or
20cm to 25cm

Mame Display

Class Medium

11" to 18" or
26cm to 45cm

Keith - Yatsubusa Elm
Mark - Privet

?? ??

Class Large

over 18" or

Jamie - Juniper
Steve - Trident Maple

?? ??

receiving the
"Collin Light´s Cup"


Class Beginner / In-Development
pic6045 pic6044 pic6041
White Spruce Zelkova Hawthorn
pic6040 pic6039  
Acer palmatum Chinese Juniper  

Class Small
pic6051 pic6049
English Elm Mame Display Cotoneaster
pic6048 pic6047 pic6046
Acer palmatum Pyracantha Hemlock

Class Medium
pic6056 pic6055 pic6054
Field Elm Beech Privet
pic6053 pic6052  
Yatsubusa Elm Mugo Pine  

Class Large
pic6065 pic6064 pic6063
Acer palmatum Juniper Larch
pic6062 pic6061 pic6059
Juniper Acer palmatum Zelcova
pic6058 pic6057  
Trident Maple Acer palmatum