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Winter Show January 2019

This year it was a display of members' trees with no competition.

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IMG_0623.jpg IMG_0626.jpg
Privet English Elm
IMG_0628.jpg IMG_0629.jpg
Acer Palmatum “Ukon” Lonicera
IMG_0631.jpg IMG_0633.jpg
Zelcova Scots Pine
IMG_0636.jpg IMG_0638.jpg
Juniper Acer Palmatum “Katsura”
IMG_0639.jpg IMG_0641.jpg
Acer Palmatum “Kiyohime” Acer Palmatum
IMG_0644.jpg IMG_0645.jpg
Hawthorn Hornbeam
IMG_0648.jpg IMG_0651.jpg
Beech Prunus Mume
IMG_0653.jpg IMG_0655.jpg
Crassula Chinese Elm
IMG_.0657jpg IMG_0660.jpg
Trident Maple Juniperus Sargentii
IMG_0661.jpg IMG_0663.jpg
English Yew Fuchsia
IMG_0666.jpg IMG_0667.jpg
Privet Privet variegata