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Summer Show July 2019

This year's show was a display of members' trees with no competition.

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IMG_1990.jpg IMG_1991.jpg IMG_1994.jpg
Coffin Juniper Dunkeld Larch English Yew
IMG_1996.jpg IMG_1997.jpg IMG_1999.jpg
Larch Field Maple Silver Birch
IMG_2001.jpg IMG_2005.jpg IMG_2010.jpg
Privet Chinese Elm Beech
IMG_2012.jpg IMG_583.jpg IMG_2017.jpg
White Pine Lilac Hornbeam
IMG_2018.jpg IMG_2021.jpg IMG_2023.jpg
Coastal Redwood Trident Maple Fuchsia Microphylla
IMG_2027.jpg IMG_2030.jpg IMG_2033.jpg
Chinese Elm Sweet Chestnut Chinese Elm
IMG_2035.jpg IMG_2038.jpg IMG_2008.jpg
Itoigawa Juniper White Pine Itoigawa Juniper
IMG_2025.jpg IMG_2028.jpg
Cotoneaster Privet
IMG_2031.jpg IMG_2039.jpg
Shohin Display Azelea
IMG_2045.jpg IMG_2042.jpg
Show bench Show bench