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Summer Show August 2009

This was our fifth summer show and the winning tree was owned by Ray. This was the first year that we have presented a cup to the owner of the winning tree. The cup was kindly donated to the club by Colin, last years winner

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Winning Tree Winning Tree
Winning Tree
Acer palmatum
Ray, winning tree and Cup
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Cotoneaster Shimpaku Juniper Trident Maple
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Juniper Syzygium Buxifolia Coprosma Kirkii
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Cotoneaster Azalea Japanese Larch
?? ?? ??
Serissa Foetida Juniper Cork Bark Elm
?? ?? ??
Acer Palmatum Juniperus Virginiana Chinese Elm
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Satsuki Azalea Axalea Chamaecyparis
?? ?? ??
Needle Juniper Olive Chinese Juniper
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Japanese Elm Pine